Expected Outcomes

The expected outcomes for the AdVitam project are:

  1. 1. Shared-control model for collaborative interaction between the driver and the car
  2. 2. Open dataset

1. The main outcome of this project will be a novel collaborative interaction model between the driver and the vehicle resulting of the integration of the three contributions (see AdVitam activities):

♦ Development of a psychophysiological model of driver state
♦ Characterization  of optimal feedback to reduce reaction time
♦ Adaptive and individualized Human-Vehicle interaction model.

2. The second outcome of this project is to provide an open dataset of our different results. The expected impact of the project from a scientific point of view is indeed very high considering the ambitious goal of developing a shared-control model based on adaptive and individualized human vehicle interaction. From an exploitation point of view, the results of the project can have multiple applications, beyond the automotive domain, into the whole field of cyber-physical systems (such as home automation, robotics, etc.).